Roleplaying Made Simple

As you toss the scepter into the volcano, you feel a deep sense of dread. Drogan had told you that destroying the artifact would be the end of it. Maybe you should have listened to your gut when it told you not to trust him. Scratch that- you definitely should have listened. As you and your friends stand waiting in anticipation, the ground begins to rumble as molten rock slowly rises to the surface.

“So remember when Old Drogan said that doing this was definitely going to stop the Lava Wyrm?” ¬†shouts Trip, the ever intelligent sorcerer. “I’m pretty sure he tricked us.”

The magma rumbles and ripples, giving way to one of the most fearsome creatures that you’ve ever seen- Cassie the Lava Wyrm, the most inappropriately named ancient horror since Giggles the Gruesome roamed the earth. Cassie quickly takes notice of you and your friends, giving you a look that simply screams “Lie down and let me eat you.”

You grip your father’s rusty shortsword as tight as you can. Your sweaty palms do a great job at weakening your hold on it, but that’s ok. You made an oath to protect the people of Cayhill. And no stupid worm is going to make you break that oath, no matter how big it is. Even if it’s really, really, really big…


Welcome to Folklore!

Folklore is a complete rules-light roleplaying game designed to be playable after about ten minutes of reading, with enough structure to keep your adventures running smoothly. If you and your friends want to slay dragons and save princesses with little to no prep-time, Folklore just may be the game for you.

Folklore’s system uses standard six-sided dice in play, requiring players a certain amount of successes on their dice to overcome conflict. A die is considered to have rolled a success if it produces the number 4, 5, or 6. The system has been built around this dice mechanic and since the math never strays away from addition or subtraction, even kids should be able to play with relative ease.

The game rules have been trimmed to fit into a 4-page pamphlet (both sides of an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper) and designed to be gentle on printer ink. The PDF is available for $1. If you decide to purchase a copy, let me know what you think!.